On the Winsumerdiep


Canoeing is a wonderfully relaxing sport. Unwind on the water, enjoy nature, and have lots of fun!

  • Ook leuk voor kinderen

  • Actief & Ontspannen

  • Geniet van de omgeving

Short instruction, and then enjoy

Explore the beautiful Winsum, the most beautiful village in the Netherlands, uniquely from the water! After a short instruction, you can paddle on your own! Keep in mind that it is indeed a sport, so wear sporty clothing! After your adventure, enjoy some food or a drink at our waterside restaurant De Jongens uit de Buurt.

  • Download the navigation map

    It’s handy to have the navigation map. It shows several routes and points of interest. It also explains how to operate the lock and some sailing rules.


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    Leuk rondje varen door Winsum

    Iris Terpstra

    Leuk om even een bootje of kano te huren en een rondje door Winsum te varen!

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    Leuk terras aan het water

    Evert Bosch

    Leuk terras aan het water, ruime kaart en voldoende mogelijkheden!

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    Leuk voor gezin met pubers


    Voor een gezin met pubers kan het uitdagend zijn om ze bezig te houden. Maar dit vonden onze jongens toch wel erg leuk om te doen.

    Canoe or Kayak

    The Canadian canoe is an open canoe where you can fit multiple people. The paddle of a Canadian canoe has one blade and a knob on the other side. Due to the space in this canoe, you can easily bring a cooler or a bag. It’s useful to put it in a waterproof barrel we provide, so if you capsize, your belongings stay dry. The kayak is a closed kayak, and you sit close to the water in a kind of cockpit. You can also bring luggage, but it should be in smaller bags that you tuck between your legs. The paddle of a kayak has two blades instead of one, and we have kayaks for 1 or 2 people. It’s always fun to go out on the water, and we have suitable canoes and kayaks for everyone! Reserve online now or contact us for more information.