Fully catered or do it yourself


A barbecue is always fun, great to do with friends or family! At Marenland, we have extensive experience with barbecues and are happy to assist you. Whether you choose to barbecue on the terrace of our restaurant, at your own camping spot, or prefer catering for your event, we will ensure it becomes an unforgettable experience.

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Barbecuing at Marenland

Don’t feel like setting everything up and preparing, with a big wash-up waiting after the enjoyable barbecue? Come to us where we organise a fully arranged barbecue for you. You can enjoy our barbecue packages with a beautiful view over the water while we take care of everything for you. You have the option to grill yourself or leave it to our experienced chefs.

We offer various types of meat and salads, and vegetarians are not left out with our tasty alternatives. The carefree way to enjoy a delicious barbecue with friends or family.


Are you looking for catering for a party or other event? Bring the barbecue to your event. We put together a complete package with everything you need for a successful barbecue. From luxury meat and fish to delicious salads and vegetarian options, everything is freshly prepared and delivered. You can choose our deluxe barbecue with extra luxurious cuts of meat and fish, or inquire about our buffets. This is the perfect option if you want to enjoy a quality barbecue at your own event location without any hassle.

Barbecue Arrangements

Our barbecue arrangements are specially designed for groups of 12 or more.

The deluxe barbecue meat and fish
Do you also love fish? Then we recommend our deluxe barbecue, where you get delicious pieces of fish alongside the meat. Think of salmon fillet, spiced white fish, and prawns on skewers. Of course, we don’t forget the vegetarians, with fresh vegetables and meat substitutes prepared separately.

Outdoor Cooking
Do you want to experience something truly unique? Inquire about our outdoor cooking specialties! We prepare the most special cuts of meat for you, such as a delicious tomahawk steak or pulled pork that lies in the smoker all day. Even a dessert from the barbecue is possible.

Experience the atmosphere

    Celebrating something?

    Do you want to host a party with us? We have a spacious area with a bar and terrace suitable for various occasions. Feel free to drop by to discuss the possibilities and view the space.