We have many different activities for groups, groups can come to us at various locations, for example ”the old canoe shed”, a beautiful location with a large terrace on the water, very suitable for groups between 25 and 45 people.

We also have our large stretch tent, beautiful view over the countryside, this space can already be used by 40 people! For example, we often have big family days, weddings or special anniversaries here.

We also have our bar container, where you can go with smaller groups from 12 people, this location is very suitable, nice for a bachelor party or smaller family days!

Family day

Would you like to meet up with the whole family again?

At Marenland we can organize complete family days. Very nice to combine with, for example, a fun activity such as canoeing or arrow and archery. Finish this with an extensive buffet or a barbecue and you have a wonderful family day!

Company outing

Would you like to organize a fun company outing?

That is also possible at Marenland, which is popular, for example, are the highland games! Let’s see if the big talk maker is really that strong! Whether you benefit more from a colleague who looks at it in a sensible way.

Then do a fun cooking workshop together and it’s a staff outing to remember!



Inquire about our meeting options, for example meeting during the day with lunch or dinner?

Family weekend

We also do a lot of family weekends at Marenland, this is of course ideal because those who want to come with a caravan or tent come with that, but would you rather have a cottage or hotel room? That is also possible, we have a special field that is suitable for groups, where you can also rent our bar container. Then you immediately have a meeting point for the whole weekend! Combine that with a fun activity and it will be fantastic!